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The Netherlands is known as a cycling country and holds world records in bicycles per inhabitant, length of bike lines, and capacity of bicycle parking facilities. Bikes are available for rent anywhere in the city and it is easy to explore the country by bike. However, for your trip to the Netherlands, you will most probably use public transport.

Nijmegen is connected to the European railway system via Arnhem and can be reached by a convenient train ride from major European cities. Train tickets for your arrival from outside the Netherlands can be purchased from NS International or eurail. For planning a trip within the Netherlands, you can use the service 9292.

Overseas paticipants plan for a flight to Schipol International Airport and reach Nijmegen by a 90 minute train ride from there or a flight to Düsseldorf airport (Germany) followed by a 120 minute train ride.

International vistors care for passport, visa, customs, and pandemic requirements to enter the European Union. Make sure to check the official Netherlands travel page for details.

Special hotel rates are available for conference attendees, see accommodation