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NC-AFM 2022 conference

The 23rd International Conference on Non-contact Atomic Force Microscopy
Nijmegen (Netherlands), August 1st to 5th 2022

Conference has passed

We thank all participants, sponsors, and exhibitors of the 23rd NC-AFM conference for attending and contributing! We are grateful for many excellent talks and vibrant discussions and hope you enjoyed the conference.

We invite all presenters and participants to submit regular articles to the thematic issue "Advanced atomic force microscopy techniques V" in the Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology, a true diamond open access journal funded by the Beilstein Institut, see Thematic issue.

Impressions of the conference are available here.

The conference covers experimental, theoretical, and instrumental developments in frequency modulation and other dynamic modes of scanning force microscopy with particular emphasis on high-resolution imaging and force mapping.

NC-AFM 2022 is the 23rd of a series of conferences devoted to non-contact atomic force microscopy. Previous conferences were held in Regensburg, Germany (2019), Porvoo, Finland (2018), Suzhou, China (2017), Nottingham, UK (2016), Cassis, France (2015), Tsukuba, Japan (2014), Maryland, USA (2013), Ceský Krumlov, Czech Republic (2012), Lindau, Germany (2011), Kanazawa, Japan (2010), New Haven, USA (2009), Madrid, Spain (2008), Antalya, Turkey (2007), Kobe, Japan (2006), Bad Essen, Germany (2005), Seattle, USA (2004), Dingle, Ireland (2003), Montreal, Canada (2002), Kyoto, Japan (2001), Hamburg, Germany (2000), Pontresina, Switzerland (1999), Osaka, Japan (1998).


The following companies and organisations support the conference: